What is RE?

RE is Malaysia’s premier publisher, offering a holistic experience for audiences and brands alike.

We are

A Key Media Content Creator

We are the next generation of content disruptors, equipped with a transformative lens to renew traditional media as you know it.

We are

An Online and Digital Advertising Strategiser

We determine and customise effective digital strategies based on our comprehensive research. Advertising campaigns are digital-first and optimised for success.

We are

A Connector of Key Social Influencers

We are your liaison with today’s in-demand social influencers. Leverage our vast network of industry influencers and find the best matches for your campaigns.

We are

An Event Manager

We organise and host events that bring together consumers and brands, and provide an interactive space not just to reconnect, but to engage with potential customers.

We are

A Data-Driven Company

We use our data to determine efficient and effective strategies for marketing and how we can rebuild an even stronger approach for the future.

Our People

Our core team brings decades of proven industry experience and expertise to the table.

Jolston Ng

Executive Director

A seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in the advertising and media industry, Jolston handles major business decisions and manages the company’s overall resources and business.

His favourite pastime is collecting course certificates of any kind, ranging from the professional, like coaching and NLP, to the personal, like parenting and Reiki healing.

Kwang Ai Ling

Commercial Director

Ai Ling’s day-to-day is focused on the commercial: the dollars and cents of the business. With her own keen sense for advertising and media, she works with the creative and production teams to thread the needle between the imaginative and the practical, and deliver the best possible campaigns at the best possible price.

She loves her morning coffee, spending time with her family, and planning her next big trip — probably to Japan.

Joyce Lee

Commercial Director

A seasoned hiker, Joyce spends her weekends conquering tall mountains, and her weekdays conquering even taller sales targets. In her high school days, she was a rhythmic gymnast but please don’t ask her to do a handstand now — she’s already preoccupied balancing forecasted sales numbers. Though she loves cooking, it seems even this great explorer’s skills are not enough to satisfy her little princess at home.

Ashley Low

Commercial Manager

Ashley handles relationship building with new and existing customers. Passionate and meticulous, she pours focus and dedication into identifying customer needs, and is sure to follow up on them in a timely fashion. Off the clock, she uses the same concentration to research and hunt down new skincare regimes and beauty products, and she is always happy to share her findings with anyone who has a question about beauty.

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Malay Network

Datin Azliza Ahmad

Executive Director

Datin Azliza provides direction to the creative team and handles content. She can be found in the office amongst a treasure trove of snacks to munch on and has recently discovered her hidden talent for cooking. Never one to let something as simple as unstocked supermarkets get in the way of her new hobby, she starts her day by tending to her herb garden.

Aizat Aidid

Creative Director

Aizat’s mission is to fashion the future of creativity in media, be it print or digital. When he’s not binging Netflix true crime documentaries, he’s drowning in his wealth of Spotify playlists. After he’s done perfecting his wardrobe with a selection of Chistophe Lemaire and a perfect pair of black Converse that go with everything, he’ll probably set off to conquer the lyric writing scene for Malaysia’s singers.

Khairul Abidin

Creative Director

A self-described ‘independent introvert’, Khairul has spent the last 13 years ardently pursuing his first love and, indeed, the great love of his life: editorial work. Other items of note he cannot live without include music, his own space and creating beautiful things.

Nisa Halid

Creative Director

With 13 years of editorial experience under her belt, and 5 years of experience in the digital world, Nisa is relentless in her passionate quest to learn, excel and adapt to the ever-changing online editorial ecospace. Offline, she’s just as tough and is an adventurer who is already eyeing her next challenge somewhere halfway across the world.

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Luxury Circle

Christy Yoong

Creative Director

After a tough day of curating stories that live up to The Peak’s tagline, ‘The Finer Things In Life’, he relaxes with some single malt whiskey – neat, of course – against a backdrop of ambience from his vinyl record collection or, if he’s in the mood, a crime thriller or science fiction story.

Sally Lau

Creative Director

Sally is an accomplished multimedia journalist and public relations expert. Outside of the office, she prioritises her well-being and values the balance between work and play, so after a long day, Sally likes to de-stress with a glass of wine. On her days off, she enjoys volunteering at animal shelters and spending time with family and friends. Sally is a huge believer in teamwork and attributes her past successes to the many great people she’s worked with.


Faizal Hadi

Executive Director

Faizal handles all things related to people development, administration, finance, IT and more. His support keeps everyone else in the business pumped and ready to go. He is a cycling fanatic who is always full of energy and ready to kick things in gear.

Our Titles

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This best-selling Malay fashion and beauty title is inspiring, informative and practical. Fashionistas love its trendy yet accessible style ideas and expert tips. Its extensive local celebrity coverage is avidly followed by its readers who find that EH! is the definitive guide to a stylish and happier life.


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GLAM is the first Malay-language luxury fashion guide. The life, style, intrigue, and glamour of the local rich and famous are beautifully presented across pages. It is modern and relevant with its bold, edgy, witty, creative, and awe-inspiring pages. The GLAMouristas simply can’t get enough of the wildly-popular content in this inimitable title.


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This is the only Malay-language guide for the modern man about town that showcases the latest trends in fashion and grooming, pop culture and current affairs from a stylishly male perspective. It moves and informs in a masculine, strongly-visual manner which appeals to the confident, sophisticated, intellectual and discerning readership.


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BAZAAR reports on the runways, beauty’s best, health issues, design innovators, and celebrity lives to deliver compelling editorial with an inspirational appeal. Harper’s BAZAAR provides a sophisticated and diverse array of articles, blending intelligent comment and stimulating features with outstanding photography, wit, glamour and informed round-ups of the best in fashion, jewellery, health and beauty, restaurants, travel, the arts and interior design. It offers a Malaysian perspective of the smart and cultured international lifestyles its readers either enjoy or aspire to.


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Malaysia’s first Chinese-language luxury publication for today’s affluent women, ICON is the epitome of sophistication. It sets itself apart with complete, yet unique coverage of luxurious lifestyles with an Asian perspective. This award-winning title features an eclectic mix of high fashion, beauty trends, essential reads, and profiles of the rich and famous.


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An exclusive publication created for a select audience. The Peak Malaysia is a reflection of the aspirations of today’s achievers and corporate leaders. It inspires with stories of privilege and excellence, challenges with insightful articles and presents different perspectives on current issues. All this is delivered with an authoritative and spirited style to satisfy the expectations of our discerning readers.


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